Manchester Central
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Manchester Central - the UK's Biggest Christmas Party Venue

When Christmas Party World opens at Manchester Central this December, it will become Vivid’s (and the UK’s!) largest Christmas party venue...

Early in 2013 we took the decision to move away from hosting our Christmas parties in temporary marquee structures and our Nottingham operation, that we had successfully grown for 4 years, was quickly dispatched to a rival operator. A risky move you may say but we knew our end game and marquee structures simply weren’t allowing us the size and scale that we craved. Within 6 weeks we had held successful talks with Birmingham’s NEC and plans to open the first ‘Christmas Party World’ were in motion. Staged within the 10,000m2 Hall 12, the NEC offered us the ability to create an all-ecompassing party venue on a different scale; 1800 guests per night, aerial entertainment normally the reserve of circus big tops and a full size indoor fairground… unimaginable in a marquee in the middle of a field! The concept at the NEC worked - we hosted 18,000 guests during 2014 and Vivid has now agreed a multi–year deal to operate and grow the parties further.

From 2014 to 2015 and from Birmingham we set our sights on Manchester and the only venue capable of staging a Christmas Party World… the award winning Manchester Central. Luckily the admiration was mutual and discussions to open Manchester’s largest Christmas party venue moved at pace. With over 10,000m2 of unobstructed floor space and 26 meters of floor to ceiling performance height, Manchester Central’s Central Hall provides almost unlimited possibilities for us over the coming years.

Christmas Party World at the NEC seats 1800 guests per night!

This year will see our inaugural theme ‘Cirque de Lumiere’ staged over around 15 party nights during December and we will need to be on top of our game to compete with, and exceed, the existing selection of Christmas Parties in Manchester. However if Christmas Party World at the NEC is anything to go by, our guests will be blown away!